Thursday, 21 April 2011


vogue and chanel..what more can a girl ask for?


new 'Dirty Works' deordrant! Dirty Works is a new line of beauty products only exclusive to Sainsburys (If you live in the UK) I saw the products are couldn't decide what to get but I ended getting their deordrant. Mmm, it honestly smells so good! and the packaging is super cute, it reminds me of the "Soap and Glory" products. I'll deffinately be going back and picking up more of their products.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


i just saw this picture on my tumblr dashboard, and thought it was the funniest thing ever! hahaha! i actually like the song "friday" by rebecca black. yeah, the lyrics and the video concept might be crap but at the end of the day, its a fun and catchy song and she has become an internet sensation at the age of 13! you can't take that away from her.


no matter what, i adore Kanye West. i love how into fashion he is!


a pair of Tom Toms are going to be my next purchase! you can wear them with ANYTHING and when i say anything, i mean literally anything. i can't decide what colour, so i will probably buy both black and white! they are super in for summer, especially here in england, everyone i know is crazy for them. they are supposed to be really comfortable (they look it), almost as if you're wearing a slipper! down side is: they are supposed to run a small fitting, so i would suggest to buy the next size up but with every purchase, the company send a pair of shoes to a child in need, so Tom Toms are for a good cause!

Friday, 8 April 2011


i ♥ shoes and these are some of my favourites that i own.


remember my last post, when i said i love skittles? yeah, i wasn't kidding. i'm a sucker for sour skittles. i separate them into yellow&orange, eat those first and then the pink,purple&green. don't ask me why, cause i have no idea. the skittles lipsmacker is from walmart, which i got last year when i went to florida and i think was about $3 it comes in a pack of three (banana, strawberry, mango) i gave the mango one to my mum, cause i didn't like the smell but the other two are gorgeous.


i kind of have an obession going on with "fantasy" by britney spears, it smells so good! infact, justin bieber said once, he loves girls who wear perfume by britney spears ;) (yes, i do like a bit of bieber) it has a fruity scent, but it's fresh and not overpowering and for me, i love that! i hate scents which basically drown out a person. but i love when you walk past someone and you just catch their scent and you kinda just want to stand there and smell them, haha. i'm thinking of trying out "midnight fantasy", apparently it smells like skittles and i love skittles!


i saw this cup and fell in LOVE! i use it to keep my bits and bobs in. it's actually a pot for garden plants, but sssh! i won't tell, if you don't.


Wanted a change, needed a change. This blog is a keyhole into an important aspect of my life. My passion for fashion through pictures. (oh, how cheesy!)